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Corporate Office & Distribution

PADO, Inc.
28340 Ave Crocker,
Santa Clarita, CA 91355


6708 Grade Lane #708
Louisville, KY 40213

Customer Service Hours

Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM PST.

Toll Free: (866) 528-1010


  1. Where can I buy?
  2. Can I buy additional tips or charger?
  3. Am I able to use my Flexible Spending Account? (Medical FSA)
    • No, Not at this time.
  4. What do the lights on my massager mean?
    • While Charging:
      • Red: Needs to be charged
      • Yellow: Partial charge on unit, charge after next use.
      • Green: Good to go!
    • While in use:
      • Blinking Red and Green: Too much pressure was applied to the unit, perform a reset and start massaging again.

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