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Go Cordless. Go Painless

Dr. Robert Gonzalez, D.C.

It's Loved for Self-Massage

Laura Jenkins, Licensed Massage Therapist, shares her expert knowledge about using Pure-Wave for self-massage. This quick introduction video also gives you a great overview of our Pure-Wave CM7 attachments and how to use them effectively.

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Dr. Robert Gonzalez, D.C.

#1 Professional Recommmended

Dr. Robert Gonzalez, D.C. explains why he loves the Pure-Wave cordless massager. He believes it is easy for his patients to use at home to help them stay healthy in between visits. He also shares advice on how he uses it in his practice to speed up the healing process.

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The Healer's Choice

Dr. Robert Gonzalez Portrait
Dr. Robert Gonzalez, D.C.

I love the Pure Wave. We actually fight over it in the office to see which therapist is going to use it.

Laura Jenkins Portrait
Laura Jenkins, LMT

What I love about the Pure Wave is the versatility. It's good for at-home maintenance when you're not able to see a massage therapist. This will help.

Dr. Denny Patel Portrait
Dr. Denny Patel, DPT, CSCS

I think it's fantastic. [Pure Wave] helps relieve tension in the neck, the back, whatever. I recommend it to everybody.

Lena Fumi Portrait
Lena Fumi, Aerialist.

When I'm performing it's a strenuous performance. Being able to recover from that is really important. Pure Wave is making my life so much better.