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Pure Wave Helps Aerialist Recover from a Back Strain

Posted by Travis Frye on

Lena Fumi Lockerby, professional Aerialist / Dancer / Contortionist, shares her story of how the Pure Wave massager helps her get deeper into stretches and assists with her recovery from a recent strained back.  

"I would recommend Pure Wave to anyone." says Lockerby.

"It helps me to relax and elongate a little bit further, so that my muscles aren't contracting as I get deeper into a stretch."  she explains. 

Lockerby shares with us her passion for being aerialist.  "It's really fun and beautiful and making pretty shapes is just really fun." She also knows the downside from such beautiful performances. Her recent back strain from over use and over training required her to seek medical attention for recovery.

She explains, "when I'm performing, it's a strenuous performance, being able to recover from that is really important."

"I love the fact that Pure Wave is lightweight and cordless and very powerful", says Lockerby.

Lockerby uses Pure Wave to help get deeper into stretches. She finds it extremely helpful on her hamstrings and sides of hips. PNF resistance combined with relaxing the muscles are critical components to her extreme stretching routine. Pure Wave on top of PNF stretching helps her relax further into her stretches. "Pure is making my life so much better," Lockerby exclaims.

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