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PureWave CM5 Muscle & Joint Massager

Muscle and Joint Massager

$99.95 USD
White Purewave CM5



Muscle and tendon pain melt away under the healing touch of the CM5. The powerful 3,700 RPM percussion head penetrates deep into muscle tissue to relieve pain and speed muscle recovery. The speed dial also lets you dial back the intensity, to treat sore tendons and joints.

Compact and cordless, the CM5 fits easily into a backpack or suitcase. So you can take professional-grade massage wherever life takes you.

  • Best-in-class power, for deep tissue therapy (3,700 RPM)
  • Breaks up painful muscle knots and adhesions
  • Soothes inflamed joints and tendons
  • Charges in one hour, runs for two
  • The choice of professional trainers and physical therapists
  • 1.65 pounds. Approximate dimensions 14.75"L x 2.75"W x 4"H
Pado PureWave CM5 Diagram
Blue Waves Design
Included with CM-7: Six Head Stick, Body Massage Oil Stick, Air-Cushion Stick, Scalp Massage Stick, Point Stick, Facial Massage Stick, Percussion Massager, Vibration Massager, and Charger.

Professionals Love It

Dr. Gonzales and a patient using the PureWave CM-7

Dr. Gonzales

How to video


The CM5 comes with three massage attachments for targeting specific parts of the body.

CM5 How To Use Infographic


See How Pure Wave Can Help You

Pure Wave Point Stick

The combination of this pin-point acupressure tip and the Pure-Wave's powerful percussion motor will allow you to drill into those stubborn knots.

Pure Wave Air Cushion Stick

This tip is ideal for users who prefer a softer massage pressure. It is also perfect for massaging between sensitive joint areas such as scapula, knees, shoulder joints and ankles.

Pure Wave 6 Head Stick

The firmness of this massage head is great for hitting bigger muscle areas. Use it to loosen up those tight hamstrings, cramping calves, sore lower back and stiff hips.

Now That You Know How To Use It

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Product Reviews

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  1. Massager

    Posted by on Mar 18th 2019

    i love it cause it works so well and its cordless

  2. Jeana mcauley

    Posted by Jeana McAuley on Mar 17th 2019

    Absolutely worth the money. Fast shipping and it’s really powerful. Being a licensed massage therapist, this will be great to use own my clients to warm their muscles up. Also great just to have around the house if you are sore that day! Very happy with this product!!

  3. Its the best thing i have ever used i feel great

    Posted by LORENZO BENAVIDEZ on Mar 10th 2019


  4. Good

    Posted by Karen hogan on Mar 10th 2019

    I bought this because I had a stroke 10 years ago. I have some tight muscles in my arm. I love it

  5. Pure-wave cm5

    Posted by evie on Mar 7th 2019

    the only reason this wasn't a 5 star is the battery dies after about an hour and a half, although it does fully charge in about an hour. I have had percussors (professional grade) that were over $5,000.00, and this one is almost as good! If it were corded I would give a 5 star I own 2 of them and have given several as gifts. Well worth the cost much better than anything else on the market in this price range!!!

  6. Pure-wave cm-5 cordless massager

    Posted by Ruby Leak on Feb 28th 2019

    I am enjoying my massager. I just had knee surgery and it is really helping with scar tissue build up and untighten my muscles. Thank you!!!

  7. Cm5

    Posted by on Feb 19th 2019

    We love it! Powerful and definitely helps those aching muscles! We choose the middle one.

  8. Pure wave cm5 cordless massager

    Posted by Rosa on Feb 18th 2019

    I love it. great for sore sport. different speed setting

  9. Awesome product easy to use a person can easy reach parts of the back area where needed, speeds doable for all types of relief and easy to clean

    Posted by Sharron Brigham on Dec 29th 2018

    awesome product easy to use easy to clean reaches all ares of the body relief from all types of pain and stiffness I recommend this product


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it ship already charged?
A: Due to transport regulations the massager battery ships at a partially discharged state. You will need to fully charge it before first time use.
Q: How long does it take to charge?
A: The first charge usually takes the longest at 1 to 2 hours. However, recharging after the first initial charge should only take an hour.
Q: How can I extend battery life?
A: To preserve the lifetime of the built-in battery, we recommend you don't let the battery fully discharge and go dead. You do this by keeping your massager charged between uses.
Q: How long does the charge last?
A: The CM5 can run continuously for 3 hours with no load applied. If you use it for 20 minutes a day, it will last you a week.
Q: Does it come with a warranty?
A: Yes we offer a limited 1 year warranty based on delivery or in-store purchase date.
Q: Is it painful?
A: Pure-Wave includes soft and hard massage tips. It depends on your sensitivity, however the air-cushion is padded and soft and not painful in our opinion. The point stick and six headed stick are for more firm trigger point massages. Pure- Wave is also variable speed so you can adjust the intensity.
Q: What's the difference between Pure-Wave CM3, Pure-Wave CM5 and Pure-Wave CM7?
A: The Pure-Wave CM3, CM5 and CM7 all have the percussion motor, but the CM7 is the only model with the special facial vibration motor built into end on handle. The CM3 comes with 2 attachments (point stick and 6-head stick), the CM5 comes with 3 attachments (point stick, air-cushion stick, 6-head stick), and the CM7 comes with 5 attachments (air-cushion stick, point stick, 6 head stick, body massage oil stick, scalp massage stick, facial massage stick) (. Pure-Wave CM7 is both percussion motor and the. CM7 includes the same attachments as CM5 plus 3 additional attachments. The Pure-Wave CM3 has single speed 3,500 rpm motor, whereas the Pure-Wave CM5 and CM7 both have a variable speed 1,500 – 3,700rpm motor.