PureWave CM3 Sports Massager

Muscle Massager / Sports Massage.

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The CM3 adds professional-grade massage to your fitness regime. The powerful 3,500 RPM percussion head penetrates deep into muscle tissue to relieve pain and speed muscle recovery. Lightweight, compact and cordless, the CM3 slips easily into a backpack or duffel. Perfect for the gym or yoga studio.

Professional trainers use Pure Wave every day. Now you can, too.

  • Best-in-class power for deep tissue therapy
  • Dissolves painful muscle knots and adhesions
  • Relieves muscle pain and stiffness
  • Improves muscle tone and circulation
  • Helps prevent sports injuries
  • 1.5 pounds. Approximate dimensions 14.75"L x 2.75"W x 4"H
Pado PureWave CM3 Diagram
Blue Waves Design
Included with CM-7: Six Head Stick, Body Massage Oil Stick, Air-Cushion Stick, Scalp Massage Stick, Point Stick, Facial Massage Stick, Percussion Massager, Vibration Massager, and Charger.

Professionals Love It

Dr. Gonzales and a patient using the PureWave CM-7

Dr. Gonzales

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The CM3 comes with two massage attachments for targeting specific parts of the body.

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How to Relieve Stubborn Knots

See How Pure Wave Can Help You


The powerful, single-speed percussion head penetrates deep into muscles, to loosen tight muscles, dissolve painful adhesions and stimulate muscle recovery.

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  1. Pure wave cm3 cordless massager

    Posted by Jackie on May 31st 2018

    Love it, easy to use and has helped with my leg cramps. Love the little hook on the end of the handle so I can reach my back without help.

  2. I love it!

    Posted by Jennifer on May 15th 2018

    Very powerful and easy to use, plus it came charged and ready to go which I really appreciated! Also I love the fact that it does not make me itchy during use like allot of massager do!

  3. Good deal for the price

    Posted by Matt Roberts on May 14th 2018

    I paid $50.00 for the one speed sports massager which I think is a reasonable price. I would prefer it to be a bit more intense but again, for $50 it is actually stronger then I thought it would be. I have used a thera gun ($600) in the past and this massager is a far better deal for the price.

  4. Good product

    Posted by Sharon on May 14th 2018

    Product is good. I wish it would have come with more attachments.

  5. Best massager

    Posted by Christy knuteson on May 7th 2018

    I bought my first pure wave massager 1 year or so ago and I loved it so much I have purchased 3 more for family members they work great and worth the money.

  6. Love it.

    Posted by Elena Genualdo on May 5th 2018

    I use it on my shoulders and neck. My husband has always had back problems and he is a big man. I am too weak to massage his back. So easy to use. Really works and the different heads help. Worth every penny.

  7. Philip w. Wong

    Posted by Philip W. Wong on Apr 30th 2018

    Philip W. Wong

  8. Pure wave cm3 cordless percussion sports massager

    Posted by May on Apr 24th 2018

    Awesome, I love it.

  9. Pure wave cm3 cordless massager

    Posted by Scot on Apr 22nd 2018

    Have had it a short time, but used it several times. So far, I am quite impressed! It is quite powerful, and yet smooth in its operation. I have only charged it once, and it took (as advertised) about 2 hours, which is impressive. Weight, balance, overall construction seems like a quality product.
    Size is nice - small enough to be portable, large enough to reach most areas of back and body.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it ship already charged?
A: No. Due to transport regulations the massager battery ships at a discharged state. You will need to fully charge it before first time use.
Q: How long does it take to charge?
A: Typically a charge takes 2 hours.
Q: How can I extend battery life?
A: To preserve the lifetime of the built-in battery, we recommend you don't let the battery fully discharge and go dead. You do this by keeping your massager charged between uses.
Q: Does the Pure-Wave CM3 come with a stand?
A: No the Pure-Wave CM3 is a self-standing massager and does not require a stand.
Q: How long does the charge last?
A: The CM3 can run continuously for 90 minutes or 10-20 minutes a day for a week.
Q: Does it come with a warranty?
A: Yes we offer a limited 1 year warranty based on delivery or in-store purchase date.
Q: What massage heads does the Pure-Wave CM3 come with?
A: The Pure-Wave CM3 comes with the point stick and 6-head stick.
Q: Is it painful?
A: This will depend on your sensitivity and muscle mass. If you want to use it around bony landmarks, we recommend the CM5 or CM7 since Pure-Wave CM3 includes only firm massage tips.
Q: What's the motor difference between Pure-Wave CM3, Pure-Wave CM5 and Pure-Wave CM7?
A: The Pure-Wave CM3 has single speed 3,500 rpm motor; whereas the Pure- Wave CM5 and CM7 both have a variable speed 1,500 – 3,700rpm motor.
Q: Can I use the same charger from my Pure-Wave CM5 or CM7 on the Pure-Wave CM3?
A: No, the Pure-Wave CM3 doesn’t use the same charger as the Pure-Wave CM5 or the CM7.