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Pure-Wave Back Massager CM7

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Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Pure-Wave massager is an extremely strong and effective massager for your lower back, mid back and upper back. Our multi-tip system and variable speed motor allows you to control the strength of your massage to deeply penetrate your muscles to relieve built up stiffness in your back.

Pure Wave cordless massager is powerful and gentle. The variable speed controller allows you to dial into the perfect intensity. Use Pure Wave for back and full body massage and to relieve muscle aches and pain. The patented air-cushion stick also allows you to massage bony areas such as elbows, knees, hands and feet. Use Pure Wave to shorten muscle recovery time and increase well being.

Pure Wave CM-07 default mode is percussion massage, but you can flip Pure Wave over and turn on the vibration facial massager. To get to this mode, make sure dial is off, then turn Pure Wave on and leave the dial in the "0" speed position (about 3 seconds) until the light flashes. The flashing light indicates the Vibration mode is on. A solid light indicates the percussion mode is on.



  • Pure-Wave CM7 Massager, 6 massage sticks, UL approved charger, Pure-Wave Stand, User manual







Q: Does it ship already charged?
A: Due to transport regulations the massager battery ships at a discharged state. You will need to fully charge it before first time use. The first charge usually takes the longest. 1 to 2 hours. Recharging is quicker. To preserve the lifetime of the built-in battery, we recommend you don't let the battery fully discharge and go dead. You do this by keeping your massager charged between uses.
Q: How long does the charge last?
A: We have tested the massager charge under no load to withstand 3 hours of continuous use. If you use it for 20 minutes/day, the charge should last a week. We have some customers claiming the charge has lasted several weeks, however it depends on how often you use it. We recommend you recharge Pure-Wave between uses to maintain optimum performance.
Q: Does it come with a warranty?
A: Yes we offer a limited 1 year warranty based on delivery or in-store purchase date.
Q: Is it painful?
A: Pure-Wave includes soft and hard massage tips. It depends on your sensitivity, however the air-cushion is padded and soft and not painful in our opinion. The point stick and six headed stick are for more firm trigger point massages. Pure-Wave is also variable speed so you can adjust the intensity.
Q: What's the difference between Pure-Wave CM5 and Pure-Wave CM7?

A: Pure-Wave CM5 is the percussion only motor(hammer motion) and include 3 attachments (point stick, air-cushion stick, 6-head stick). Pure-Wave CM7 is both percussion motor and the special facial vibration motor built into end on handle. CM7 includes the same attachments as CM5 plus 3 additional attachments.


1 year limited warranty

Pure-Wave CM7 features a dual motor cordless design with percussion and vibration motors.  Both percussion and vibration motors can be specifically adjusted to your desired intensity.  The CM7 model includes 6 different massage sticks to address different areas of the body and unique styles of massage. Soft, Medium or Firm.  For percussion mode light is solid green. For vibration light is blinking green.
Air-Cushion Stick - This patented air-cushioned massage head is very versatile and designed to fit many users and body areas.  This tip is ideal for users who prefer a softer massage pressure.  It is also perfect for massaging between sensitive joint areas such as scapula, knees, shoulder joints and ankles.  This tip will also provide great relief to loved ones who suffer from bed sores due to hospitalization.  The patented air-cushion stick allows you to massage areas that most massagers wouldn't, such as elbows, knees, hands and feet. Use Pure Wave to shorten muscle recovery time and increase well being.
Point Stick - Do you enjoy a deep tissue massage or firm acupressure technique?  Some may find this a little painful, but if you find pleasure in a therapist's elbow digging into your muscles, this tip is for you.  The combination of pin-point acupressure tip and the Pure-Wave's powerful percussion motor will allow you to drill into those stubborn knots.  If you suffer from stiff neck, using this tip in the trapezius area will help relieve the stiffness.

6-Head Stick - If you enjoy deep tissue sports massage, this tip is for you.  The firmness of this massage head is great for hitting bigger muscle areas.  Use it to loosen up those tight hamstrings, cramping calves, sore lower back and stiff hips. This massage head will help prevent sports injury and also speed up muscle recovery time. This tip is very popular for people with diabetes to help relieve cramping legs and improve circulation in the feet and calves.


Body Massage Oil Stick (Available with CM7 Only) - Wouldn't it be great if you can apply your favorite massage oil or pain relieving cream to those hard to reach areas like your middle and upper back. Wouldn't it be even better if you can massage those areas at the same time by yourself. Pure-Wave's Body Massage Oil stick is your solution. This tip although designed originally to slip over the percussion side threads (snugly) can be used with both the percussion and vibration motor modes along with your favorite cream.  In addition, give your spouse or partner an awesome massage with Body Massage Oil Stick. They will think they are visiting their favorite spa.


Scalp Massage Stick (Available with CM7 Only) - Close your eyes, take a deep breath, relax and run Pure-Wave's Scalp Massage Stick through your hair and scalp. You will feel like you are getting your hair washed and scalp massaged at a 5 star hair salon. This unique scalp massage tip is a great way to relieve tension and headache. Use the scalp massager after a long day at work to relax and wind down. This tip is a favorite amongst our customers and also a great way to massage in hair regrowth formulas as well. Designed originally to slip over the percussion side threads (snugly) can be used with both the percussion and vibration motor modes/sides.

Facial Massage Stick  (Available with CM7 Only) - Want to revitalize your face to feel young and healthy?  You may already spend time taking care of your face with various cleansers, toners, creams and moisturizers. With Pure-Wave CM7 you have the ability to work in a facial massage to your evening moisturizing treatments. The facial massage stick will promote deeper penetration of facial moisturizers. Simply attach the facial massage stick to the vibration massage tip at the end of the handle and turn on the vibration mode. Massage with smooth motions to work moisturizer into your skin with the massage stick. In short time, your face will feel more refreshed and relaxed.

How To Use:

Pure-Wave CM7 is a dual motor massager and therefore has two operating modes. Percussion (solid light), Facial Vibration (blinking light)

■ Charging First time charge: Fully charge until indicator light is green. First time may take 1 to 2 hours. Recharging is faster (1 hr. max) For best results charge massager before use. 1. Plug the CHARGER into an electrical outlet. 2. Plug the CHARGER into the Pure-Wave cordless massager. The BATTERY CHARGING LIGHT is red to indicate charging is in process. 3. The BATTERY CHARGING LIGHT displays a green light when charging is complete. When green light appears, remove charger from device.

■ CM7: Percussion massager 1. Remove CHARGER for operation. For safety reasons, product will not turn on when CHARGER is plugged into device. 2. Attach the MASSAGE STICK of your choice. 3. Turn the On/Off & SPEED DIAL on (Clockwise). You will immediately hear ONE BEEP and if fully charged the POWER LIGHT displays a solid green light to indicate product is on and percussion mode is engaged. Note that a green blinking light indicates vibration mode is on. 4. Turn CLOCKWISE immediately to initiate PERCUSSION MODE and set desired speed. 5. For User’s safety, the product is designed to automatically power off and stops itself if too much load is applied on the product. In this case, Pure-Wave cordless massager must be reset. Turn power off if it is still on, plug the CHARGER into an outlet, and then plug the charger into the product. Wait about three seconds and then unplug CHARGER from product, and then turn product on and start massaging.

■ CM7: Vibration Facial Massager 1. Push the facial massage stick tightly onto the stick holder. 2. Turn the power dial (On/Off & SPEED DIAL) on and set it to ‘0’ speed level. You will immediately hear ONE BEEP and the POWER LIGHT will display green. 3. Keep POWER DIAL in ‘0’ speed position for a few seconds until you see the POWER LIGHT flashing. 4. Turn CLOCKWISE to initiate vibration facial massager and set to desired intensity. Note the Percussion Head will not work in this mode. To initiate percussion mode, turn dial off and then back on turning clockwise until percussion mode engages.


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  1. Great machine

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 2nd 2017

    We have purchased a number of vibrators over the years, some better than others, but none highly satisfactory ... until now. The Pure-Wave CM7, particularly the soft head attachment, is highly satisfactory. I fell off a roof about 4 months ago, and the CM7 is proving to be a God-send in assisting my recovery. THANKS.

  2. Wonderful massager for the money!

    Posted by Brian M. on Sep 19th 2016

    We've had the Sharper Image 'Thumper' for decades. It had to be returned once for an overhaul. It finally broke this year. I think Sharper Image is still around, but their massager doesn't look anything like the old Thumper we loved. We needed one badly, saw the ad for Pado, and decided to try it as it had all the different heads and it was a percussion massager...the Thumper had a single fixed head. When I got it, it worked briefly, but I had to return it as it would not recharge. I called and they quickly sent me a new one with a return label. Super friendly and fast service. The new one works great! I was skeptical that a battery massager wouldn't hit as hard as the Thumper, but it's a true percussion massager that feels great and you can change heads quickly as needed. I sometimes wish it had a cord, but as long as you charge it up, it works long enough for a good session. Thanks for a great product and excellent customer service! We love our Pado!


    Posted by PAVEL on Feb 22nd 2016


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