Pado Ozen 310 Vacuum Blender


$400.43 CAD
Ozen 310 Vacuum Blender

Vacuum Technology

Experience juice and smoothies like never before.

The Pado OZEN 310 is our classic capsule inspired design vacuum blender. Pado OZEN raises the bar for healthy blended beverages. Our innovative vacuum technology combined with high-velocity blending preserves taste, freshness and nutrients.


Fruits and vegetables blended in a vacuum state maintain rich natural colors and flavors. Ordinary blenders form air bubbles resulting in lighter or pale colors. Vacuum blending removes air to reduce the impact of oxidation, a key factor that causes discoloration and browning.

Smooth Texture + Dietary Fibers

Ozen’s combined vacuum blending finely grinds fibers of vegetables or fruits creating smooth tasting beverages enriched with dietary fibers. Now you can enjoy healthy beverages with a smooth texture for easy swallowing and digestion.

Maximum Nutrition

OZEN prevents destruction of nutrients and keeps long-lasting freshness. Experience the benefits from increases in vitamin A and polyphenols, essential nutrients necessary for health.

Ozen 310 Vacuum Blender

Which juice would you choose?

Normal Blending
Vacuum Blending

No Air Bubbles

Max Nutrients

No Separation

Long Lasting Fresh Taste

Evolution of Blending


Limited to soft ingredients

High Speed Juicer

Waste fibers.
Lose nutrients by heat.


Waste fibers.
Ingest only fructose.

High Speed Blender

Blend most ingredients.
Lose nutrients by heat.

Ozen 310 Vacuum Blender

UL Certification

Quality You Can Count On.

Pado OZEN is the only UL certified vacuum blender on the market, which ensures that you are getting quality and confidence in every blend. We pride ourselves on providing the best technology for you and your family to get your daily vitamins and nutrients.

Ozen 310 Vacuum Blender Ozen 310 Vacuum Blender

Vacuum Blending

Better Juice. Better Health. Better Life.

Vacuum Blended Beverage

Ozen blends ingredients without losing nutrients or creating excessive air bubbles that cause layer separation and discoloration.

No Air Bubbles

Max Nutrients

No Separation

Long Lasting Fresh Taste

Yoona-ah using Ozen Blender

Made in Korea

Im Yoon-ah (Yoona)

PADO | OZEN is designed and manufactured in South Korea with strict attention to design and the science of healthy eating.

Yoona, South Korean singer and actress showcases the OZEN vacuum blender along with the benefits to vacuum blending. Vacuum blending is proven to enrich nutrients, taste and freshness.

Healthy living starts with healthy eating.

Yoona-ah's signature

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  1. Awesome!

    Posted by Meredith on Nov 8th 2018

    I’m new to juicing and have decided to try a vacuum blender. The Ozen is simple to use which I like since I’m a newbie, I didn’t want anything too complicated. I wasn’t too sure what to use in my first couple of drinks but I found on their website they have a link for recipes which was super helpful, the drinks I tried were pretty good too. All my drinks have stayed fresh even after leaving them overnight for a couple days. Very happy with my purchase.

  2. Tastes completely different than my old blender

    Posted by William on Oct 26th 2018

    What I love about this vacuum blender is that you can see and taste the difference in the quality of the smoothie blend. The colors are significantly different than ordinary blends. The taste is unique as well. Definitely smoother and I don't have to gag on spinach chunks that my old blender would leave. The smoothie tastes healthier so that's a bonus. People are impressed when I show them how it works.