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How to use Purewave



How To Use The PUREWAVE Attachments

How To Treat Ailments

How to Treat Sciatica

How to Release Trigger Points

How to Treat Neck Pain / Tech Neck

How to Treat Quadricep Tendinitis

How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

How to Treat Tennis Elbow

How to Treat Hunch Back

How to Treat Anterior Pelvic Tilt / Hip Flexors

How to Help Postural Alignment

How to Treat Achilles Tendinitis

How to Treat TMJ

How to Treat Lower Back Strain

How To Treat Upper Body

Upper Back / Middle Trapezius

Neck / Scalenes Muscles

Chest / Pectoralis Major

Chest / Pectoralis Minor

Shoulder / Deltoid

Shoulder Blade / Rhomboideus Major

Shoulder Blade / Teres Major

Neck / Sternocleidomastoid

Neck / Levator Scapulae

How To Treat Lower Body

Gluteus Maximus

Knee Joint

Calf & Hamstring

Restore Deeper with these Simple Yoga stretches and Purewave

**If you have had or currently have any medical conditions or medical history, please speak with your physician prior to using this product.