Working out your most important muscle: GLUTES

Posted by Alissa Castaneda on Feb 23rd 2018

Kendall Wield, Personal Trainer and owner of Doll Fitness ( ) talks about growing the gluteal muscles and demonstrates the importance of massage. 

The strongest, most powerful muscle in one’s body are the Glutes. Most of us spend so much time sitting stagnant. Whether we are commuting to work, sitting at an office desk or relaxing at home we are not exercising our most important muscle. In order to grow your glutes, the muscle fibers need to be supple and they need to be able to contract using a full range of motion. Monthly massages can be costly but using a Pure-Wave in between visits to your massage therapist or chiropractor can be highly effective. 

  • First start by lying down on your side and crossing your right leg over your left leg.
  • Start at the Hip Flexor and move the Pure-Wave down your glute.
  • Repeat action, this time crossing your left leg over your right leg.