Pure Wave + Proper Movement = Less Injury

Posted by Bob Wiltfong on Jul 11th 2016

“You Don’t Want to Enter a Workout in Pain”

Brandon Clark is used to personal trainers trying to borrow his exercises. As a strength and conditioning coach at the Paseo Club in Valencia, California, Clark works with several high-end athletes including a couple of swimmers working towards the Olympics.

“I started off as a personal trainer and then shifted into a strength and conditioning coach. And that’s kind of given to you by credibility of what you do and certifications and things you do after your kinesiology degree,” Clark says.

As a result of his work, Clark says personal trainers will visit his workouts with clients and try to take some of his exercises. That’s a problem, he says.

“You can’t just take an exercise and run with it. There’s a purpose, a methodology and a reason for that exercise. So without understanding the progressions or regressions and why you’re doing something, it can be just some fancy move that maybe is not correct or could, instead of being a corrective exercise, injure the person you’re working with.”

"You Can Change an Athlete from the Inside Out"

Clark says he builds workout programs for his clients by first assessing their natural body movements during exercise.

“Are you moving poorly because you’re in pain?” he asks. “Or are you in pain because you’re moving poorly? So if I can make you move better we’re going to do better overall. Period.”

Clark says when you understand a person’s biomechanics "you can change an athlete from the inside out."

“It’s not a quick-fix process. It’s more methodical,” Clark says. “You’re correcting their dysfunctions. So as they move they expose things and you’re correcting their movements. So they’re more efficient, they don’t have to work as hard, they’re less injury prone and they become more efficient as an athlete overall.”

“Do Your Homework”

To that end, Clark recommends his clients use a Pure Wave Massager in their pre-workout warm ups and stretching. He says the Pure Wave does an excellent job of addressing calcium adhesions and muscle dysfunctions so you can move more properly during your workout.

“I think it’s a great mobile device to use and it’s something you can easily use and carry with you and apply for sure,” he says.

“And like anything do your homework. Know exactly how to use a tool because the Pure Wave can be a huge benefit or it can just be something that feels good. I would definitely go about a process and understand when you have an issue how to attack it. And use the tool efficiently so you’re more efficient as an athlete.”

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